Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Today starts the first of five days of the October 2007 UUA Board meetings. It was quite a trip to get here today. A canceled flight and getting here slightly later than planned to start. Not much to report yet. I met with the Committee on Committees where our work is to act as nominators for committee positions. Since it involves people and decisions about them the work is confidential so not much to say about it.

Tonight we opened with a short worship service that opened with a sharing from our moderator, Gini Courter, that Natalie Gulbrandsen had passed away this week. Natalie was a former moderator. I did not know her well but I always enjoyed her leadership at GA. Here is a link about her passing:

Of course in the past few weeks we have lost several people in the PSWD who will be sorely missed; Len McConkie from Ventura and Abe Ohanian from Throop who for me was the face of the UUSC for so many years in this district.

Abe's obituary:

Len's obituary:

You will have to do a search on McConkie

Tomorrow we start the Board retreat. A full day of taking the time to really meet and get to know the board we will be working with for the next two years. Working groups on Friday and the Board meeting starts on Friday night and goes through Sunday. More tomorrow!


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