Sunday, September 30, 2007

I just got back from deBenneville Pines where my congregation, Orange Coast, had a great weekend with the members from Conejo Valley. There were about 80 of us there. Great weather, great food, good canoeing on Jenks Lake and new friendships. Hard to beat! It was also good to see our District President, Tom Stapleford there as well.

When I got home my copy of the UUA Board Agenda for the October meeting was waiting in the mail. The October meeting is normally busy but with all the new Board mmebers it is a particularly busy agenda. You can see the agenda for yourself at:

I have a few weeks to go over everything and get prepared. If you see something on the agenda you would like more information about, just let me know at


Sunday, September 23, 2007

You can read a copy of my most recent NetwUUrk article at the following site:

It is the complete NetwUUrk if you have not already read it. I am interested in your thoughts and comments particularly before the next UUA Board meeting in mid-October.

In trust and faith,


Monday, September 10, 2007

CoC Meeting 9/12-14

I will be leaving on Tuesday, September 11th for a meeting of the Committee on Committees, or CoC for short. The purpose of this committee is to make recommendations to the UUA Board on persons to take positions for UUA Board appointed committees and slots for UUA Board appointments toother committees and organizations. Since this work involves evaluating individuals and the best fit between individual volunteers and various committee asignments the work is done confidentially so as to preserve individual privacy and keep an appropriate boundary between the interests of good selections and open and transparent governance.

There are about 28 slots to make recommendations for and earlier this summer people interested in various positions were encouraged to file written applications. I am looking forward to this new assignment and I am looking forward to reviewing the qualifications of many very fine people in our Association.