Monday, February 16, 2009

Where In the UU Blog-o-Sphere?

Everything you could want to know seems to be on someone's blog these days. Chris Walton, editor of the UU World and creator of Philocrites, has provided a very handy listing of UU blogs and categorized them by content. I have found it a very useful way to look at how the work of the UUA board is being perceived, interpreted and conveyed to others. Take a look and see if you find it helpful. It can be found at


Robin Edgar said...

Hi Tom,

I expect that The Emerson Avenger blog may not be listed on Philocrites' very handy listing of UU blogs any more. The way that the UUA Board of Trustees is being perceived, interpreted, and conveyed to others on The Emerson Avenger blog should be of some concern to UUA Trustees and other UUA leaders. I will be very happy to change the way I perceive and interpret, and convey my perceptions and interpretations to the public, once the UUA Board of Trustees gives me good reason to change my mind about them.

BTW Someone posted an unsubstantiated rumor to the effect that UUA Moderator Gini Courter is seeking to modify UUA bylaws so that she may remain UUA Moderator indefinitely. I personally find that rumor hard to believe but it is someone's perception and apparently not just one person's perception. You and other UUA Trustees may want to look into that allegation and deal with it in an appropriate manner. Likewise I think that it is high time that the UUA Board of Trustees responded to my "electronic communications" in a manner that actually honors and upholds the Seeven Principles of U*Uism and other U*U ideals, policies, and guidelines etc. Totally ignoring them and failing or refusing to so much as responsibly acknowledge receipt of them is *not* acceptable AFA*I*AC.


Robin Edgar

Robin Edgar said...

Another thing Tom,

While U*U bloggers do occasionally blog about what the UUA Board of Trustees is doing, or not doing. . . they blog about a great many other things as well, so filtering through numerous blog posts to find what people are saying about the UUA Board of Trustees is not a very efficacious way of doing so. OTOH It is still worthwhile reading U*U blogs to keep your ear to the ground about any number of U*U issues that they are discussing. Like U*U clergy sexual misconduct for just one example. I would suggest running appropriate Google searches every now and then and going through at least the first three or four pages of results. Pertinent searches would be -

"UUA Board of Trustees"

"UUA Board"

"UUA Trustees"

It wouldn't hurt for individual UUA Trustees to run Google searches on their names along with other pertinent key words as well, since people may me talking about them on an individual basis. You may be happy to know that you are in my "good books" as a result of your wisely chosen fate of not suppressing my critical comments that I have submitted to your blog. You needed invest in large cans of tomato juice just yet. ;-) The same cannot be said for UUA Moderator Gini Courter and some other "less than excellent" UUA leaders or U*U clergy who I have the misfortune to know.

I would appreciate it very much if you could make an effort to persuade your fellow UUA Trustees and other UUA leaders that it is in the best long term interest of the UUA to enter to stop totally ignoring my "electronic communications" and enter into dialogue with me towards the end of settling our differences in a manner that genuinely honors and upholds the Seven Principles of U*Uism and other claimed ideals, policies and "guidelines" of U*Uism.

Thank you once again Tom for not suppressing my comments to your blog it is genuinely appreciated.


Robin Edgar

Robin Edgar said...

Correction -

You needn't aka need not invest in large cans of tomato juice just yet. ;-)

BTW Since UUA President Bill Sinkford and some other top level UUA officials are obvious targets of criticism it makes sense to run Google searches on various combinations of their names and titles to learn what people may be saying about them and, by extension, the UUA more generally.

There was a time when UUA President Bill Sinkford was more or less in my good books because I chose to give him the benefit of any doubts that I might have had about him but he managed to inexorably worm his way out of my good books largely by doing absolutely nothing aka zero, or next to nothing, to responsibly address and redress what he once very justifiably referred to as my "obviously deep concerns". I guess that's what *he* means when he talks about "choosing love" and "standing on the side of love". . . Of course it didn't help that it was UUA President Bill Sinkford's poorly chosen fate to engage in dilettantish "diplomacy" with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while obstinately refusing to enter into the slightest diplomatic dialogue with someone who does not hang people from cranes or seek to build *real* nU*Uclear weapons. . . Not that he hadn't effectively written himself out of my good books before that fateful decision.

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